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Our company has been crafted around supporting our conference event partners. We are a talented band of experienced production managers and skilled audio visual technicians. We believe in the power of teamwork, simple clear solutions and cultivating strong relationships with our event planning colleagues.

Streamlined & Simple

Work with multi-room, multi-day conference event specialists. Benefit from our years of experience and free up your time to work on other important parts of your event.

Truly Transparent

Break away from verbose and complicated estimates. You know, the ones that change constantly and rarely reflect the actual cost you pay in the end. Embrace simple clean pricing.

Fiercly Flexible

You've got challenges and we've got great modular solutions. Flexible ones. Ones that can be added to any room to supplement the existing functionality. Like LEGO!.

Vibrantly Friendly

Who knew that all this talent and dedication could come in such a friendly package. We are team focussed, perpetually helpful and abosultely driven to create big smiles!

At your service

Enjoy the convenience of simple to understand all inclusive pricing. Need an extra laptop or wireless microphone? No problem. Our comprehensive packages are flexible. Dynamic solutions for those little unpredictable changes.

Plenary Ballrooms

Complete audio, visual and presentation systems for your main conference rooms. Flexible video configurations, wireless audio and everything else your presenters and audience could need.

Breakout Rooms

Versitle presentation systems for all your breakout sessions. For small seminars and interactive workshops. Compact, portable and flexible enough to support your presenters anywhere.

Webcasting & Recording

Take your conference to the world! Our extended webcasting abilities allow you to stream any room live. Film and audio record any session for future use and archival purposes.

Remote Presenters

Bring in your keynote presenters from virtually anywhere. Our versitle platform integration provides more presentation options and a higher degree of presenter comfort.

Audience Polling

Live audience polling to facilitate heightened audience participation and interaction. Use instant data collection in your Annual General Meeting elections or anywhere else.


Simultaneous live translation for those events where you need to support more than one language. Headset monitoring, translator isolation and human resources.

The Team

Collaborative & Supportive

Our Process

We've built deep enduring relationships through consistent delivery.

building plan

Discovery & Design

From a birds eye view down to the nitty gritty details. We work closely with you and your squad to make sure all your event parameters have been considered and bundled nicely into a simple concise plan.

construction site


Production management and execution at your event from start to finish. We'll make sure all of your rooms look good and sound great. Your presenters will feel well looked after and so will your audience.

small van on wooden beam

Locomote & Replicate

Worried about inconsistant results that come with different cities, venues and random in house AV suppliers? Don't.. you can take us with you. Reproduce the same awesome results without all the hassel.

A Glimpse At Who We Work With

Its great to have such wonderul people in our ecosystem!

Cancer Society
Ontario School Insurance Board
Ontario Principals Council
Ministry of labour
nestle waters
agriculture canada
fusion homes
canadian mental health association

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